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Tuesday evening had fun, Wednesday moved some broken concrete out of the yard, took a nap then went to a Swimsuit-of-a-Different-Era BBQ party of some graduating Bastyr University students and my permaculture friend D. I left the party and picked up S from her dropoff point then we agreed to go back to the party. She seemed to have fun. I had fun. When we got home we heard firecrackers and fireworks late into the night.

Seems the people of Seattle like their firecrackers.

Thursday I meet with a professor at Seattle University who is doing research on some aspects that interrelate with my family history. When I got home I felt enthused and created some wikipedia articles relevant to the family history. I also had an enjoyable phone call with dryadgrl. After picking up S we had a nice but simple dinner with the roommates, K and D.

Had a series of fearful feeling nightmares last night, images of 1) trying to control a tethered huge climbing monster that was hiding in amongst a spaceship / bridge like thing, 2) being chased, 3) a faceless lady with a red fedora relentlessly moving stuff, 4) two kids and I digging our way out of a narrowing tunnel as being pursued by some threat.

However the night before I had some very nice dreams about camping with S.

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