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Week in Review

Last Friday I was scheduled to have a conference call that didnt happen, but I was around the phone, moving more fragmented concrete from the garden into the pickup truck. I also had a good phone call with a staff member.

Later I cooked a dinner of bok choy, black bean sauce, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and rice, with challah. Some time in the evening we also saw this video clip of Keith Olbermann on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann", which I thought was eloquent, funny, sad.

Saturday I read a little of "The Ethical Assassin", made some dashing contributions to Wikipedia. Im liking the book very much.

Sunday was a restful weekend for sweetie and I, wherein we went and saw the movie of "Raise the Red Lantern" at the Northwest Film Forum.

Monday consisted of more restfulness, saw a DVD of "Proof". All-in-all having a very enjoyable weekend with my sweetie.

Tuesday I found, in the International District, some Haw flakes for my roommate, then went and did some site assessment at the Cascade People's Center. I also participated in an Exec. Council Conference call wherein I heard Corbin Harney had died.

Wednesday I spent some time doing nursing care type stuff for an injury (RICE, arnica massage oil), finished seeing the DVD of "Quinceañera" and shared some chocolate with my sweetie. I then went back to the Cascade People's Center and helped with the construction of a sunshade made out of bamboo with three other adults helping 10 kids in day care.

Dinner was Oaxaca Tacos, a recipe out of the "Cafe Flora Cookbook". Kinda felt like a productive for me meal playing around with frying in oil, timing, creativity. The roommates and my sweetie were seemingly impressed I was trying a "gourmet" meal recipe.

Thursday's gardening consisted of weed removal with a scuffle hoe, Hori hori, and sapling removal with my pruners.

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