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So my G4, S's G4, my ID, checks, etc were stolen Tuesday last week. Burglary.

More unhappy drama followed and continues.

I now have a refurbished MacBook as a computer seems to me important to finding out where we will be next, come September.

I am sad about having lost my old files (except that which I had partially backedup). So I lost stuff since being in Delaware, Las Vegas I (PLC), Bay Area wedding, Arcata, Las Vegas II (NDE Peacewalk, housesitting the Friary, and Corbin's Mother's day Event), leaving Lost Valley, and Seattle (up till now).

I feel like I am organizing my losses by writing this entry.

I am also attempting to recover what I lost by searching craigslist for my stolen stuff being sold, and google for the text of lost files that had been posted elsewhere. Like the writeups that were posted to Las Vegas Indymedia, NDE photos, things like that.

I also posted flyers around the area in an attempt to buy back my data, just in case.

We are also looking again for temporary housing. Any ideas, offers, suggestions ?

In other news ...

I am doing some research on Ohio class Submarines, Trident missiles, looking at maps of Ground Zero Center's house location, working on the Ground Zero's historical timeline for this upcoming anti-nuclear event.

I am doing some gardening.

I am reading "A Spectacle of Corruption" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma".

Happy birthday to my sister and Happy birthday to S's sister tomorrow.


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Jul. 27th, 2007 04:41 am (UTC)
that bites.
seriously, that bites the big one. i'm glad you were able to replace the G4 though. i have a macbook, i <3 it. i wish you could have gotten one without the data loss though.

peacewalkers.. small world --> i'm pretty sure these are the folks who left from eugene that carrigan was a part of the organizing for the event. :) of course, though, it's the pac nw, maybe not as small as it appears from my vantage in utah.

i'm heading home for 10 days in august. going to lvec to assist at dote and see friends that i miss so much. and land that i miss so much. i can't wait to see that 'welcome to oregon' sign along 84, or the I-5 sign in portland.

love you friend.
Jul. 27th, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
Re: that bites.
No, its part of the same event. I was asked to participate in the walk or help in organizing the walk, but declined as I was trying to figure out our housing in Seattle.

Have fun at DotE. Please hug Chris and Marie for me.

I miss Lost Valley a bit.
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