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Friday was doing timeline research on the Naval Base Kitsap Ground Zero protests and Civil Disobedience Actions, and the White Train, then we went and tasted some Sake (of a more than store bought 'standard' variety (S had an sweet unfiltered and I had a fruity that I think was a honjōzō).

Saturday we went to the "Capitol Hill Block Party 2007", in Capitol Hill then we did the grocery shopping for this week. That day was kinda frustrating with episodes of fun.

Sunday we took a bus and from Westlake Park took the Monorail to see a Shakespeare in the Park in Seattle Center. "The Merchant of Venice" is a strange play. I had a lotta fun taking S through the waterfall fountain and sitting with her during the play.

Monday morning I dropped off sweetie for her camping trip spike, picked up J, R from SeaTac, went to over to West Seattle to Duwamish to see the cousins, then that evening saw a Mariners baseball game that was a "Salute to Japanese Baseball" The kids and I had fun enjoyed seeing the crowds cheering "Ichiro", eating Baseball park food, and participating in the rolling circling wave. I went hunting with B looking for "Elephant ear" for almost 45min. Her mom seemed especially to enjoy being at the game (and to have someone else also herding kids).

Yesterday the kids and I went to the Space Needle and saw stuff that I had scouted out to see in Seattle Center from Sunday's trip. The trip started of to be frustrating. We all (J 14, R 12, some of the cousins M 12, and B 9) planned on taking the West Seattle Water Taxi to the Seattle waterfront. But it took over two and a half hours to get from SSCC to the West Seattle Waterfront. I was frustrated herding kids. The kids were frustrated that it was taking so long: "When are we going to get there ?". My pda started to malfunction after being knocked out of my hand by whirling 9yo B. The kids also saw a dead diver that had been fished out of Elliot Bay with news stories here and here.

We saw The Seattle Waterfront, traveled the Seattle Center Monorail, spent money and had fun either biking in a Surrey (getting J some exercise and B some driving experience) or playing in the amusement park, and traveled up into the Space Needle.

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