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Going backward in time ...

Monday we went for a city walk (to Columbia City) and saw The Simpsons Movie. Fun.

Sunday we went on a Washington State Ferry to get out (again) from the "city" and to take a ferry over some body of water. We went hiking in South Whidbey State Park visiting the "Ancient Cedar" on Whidbey Island. Kinda not by a plan and sorta planned. The old growth forest was / is beautiful. Cool, relaxing.

On Saturday we went eastward from Seattle looking for a woodsy hike, and went hiking on Rattlesnake Ridge near sorta where S was working earlier during the summer. Afterward we visited the Cedar River Watershed Educational Center and went swimming in Rattlesnake Lake before the sun set and the lake water turned colder.

At the Cedar River Watershed Educational Center there was a Sound Garden that S had told me about that was of falling drops of water on drums.

On Friday we had visited another type of Sound Garden in Magnuson Park composed of white, tall wind vane, wind towers that sounded like low hooting owls. The sound I heard was melodious, mixed in with the wind, the waves of Lake Washington, the drone of overhead airplane propellers, and the occasional motorboat. We also saw "The Fin Project", a sculpture consisting of diving plane fins from attack submarines planted into the ground to resemble a number of Orca dorsal fins.

More could be updated on where I have been, seen, have felt, and have been doing but S is job hunting via the internet.

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