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Finishing up in Seattle

I had a beautiful two day vacation in the Olympic National Park, not as long as I had hoped for, planning around naturopath and PT appointments, resume writing, various other "leaving Seattle" appointments (i. e.: oil change for the car, et al.) but it was fun nevertheless. I enjoyed the walking with S. We went hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest (a temperate rain forest) and visited the Olympic Hot Springs (soaking despite the official statement and warnings of "dangerous levels of bacteria") near the Elwha River. The Washington State Ferry ride on the MV Puyallup was great fun, windy, exciting. During the vacation I feel we spent too much time in the car traveling to each spot for hiking, the National Park being a big place, traveling to see and experience the hoped for experiences of "wilderness" and "privacy" but the ride was nice for what it was. I liked hiking, feeling the cool breeze, sunny warmth, cold glacial water cloudy with glacial flour.

Gardening wise I last was deadheading roses and picking off leaf clusters affected with Black Spot, trimmed back English Ivy and Jupiter's Beard among many others. I have had a lot of fun gardening this summer. I have the feeling I would have rather been cutting back blackberry canes but I have had fun with the new experiences of gardening. I feel more confident now.

I am glad that S has been using the computer to job search. I have been enjoying more time cooking and reading. Convenient as S's wrist's have been hurting doing stuff like cooking and cleaning.

I had been finding it hard to get out of the city environs much to do outdoorsy stuff. We have been doing walks around Seattle city parks but I have missed woodsy walking and garden stuff that I had been doing at Lost Valley, so I am glad we finally got out across the waters of Puget Sound and saw the Forest.

I am glad I have been able to put the Lost Valley "Permaculture Design Certificate" to a positive use.

I would like it if more of my friends emailed me about what they are doing.


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Sep. 12th, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
yes. my friend, in this moment, procrastinating for a few more minutes. 4 pages of stats to read, 20 pages to summarize.

Oct. 8th, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)
Here you said you'd like to hear from your friends via email, but you told me not to email you...perhaps i am special?

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