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Sep. 22nd, 2007

I enjoy road trips with S

So we are in the Bay Area with the goals of visiting new son of qibitum, celebrating dryadgrl's birthday, visiting kids and S's sister.

The visit to Sacramento on Wednesday was fun. It may turn out to be a longer term thing.

I am continuing to explore how to increase my writing style and readability. I dont like it that this LJ is more a "LiveLog" than a LiveJournal. I feel hurt that if you search "Least LiveJournally LiveJournal ever" up I pop. It has been suggested that I "might have transcended the medium" but I think it is because as I compose my story I lose plot and maybe lose the verbalized feelings and sensations I have had in the experiences. I have been increasing my writing skills it seems but I still feel sad about being "different". Maybe it is because I dont post quizzes, internet youtube videos, or polls.

So back to the LiveLog ...
We packed up and left Seattle (on Saturday noonish) in S's little Honda. We spent a night at Lost Valley coincidentally as a family gathering life cycle ceremony was happening next door. My feelings of awkwardness about whether to go and attend, or not were alleviated by finding out that I was specifically not desired to be there "[she] would feel uncomfortable if you were there".

While at Lost Valley I had the feeling of being overwhelmed by connecting with others in telling a short synopsis of the last four months and hearing of what others have been doing, felt disconnected about what some others had been doing and how life goes on. I came to the idea that maybe Lost Valley (as a group), in seeking "new energy" in selecting it's New Members, weeds out those people with come in with longterm energy, long term vision, and sustainability. That they may have an unacknowledged bias toward energetic enthusiastic (but short term) people while advertising its desire and want of longterm membership.

Most of the long term members seem sad, lonely people at times seeking something (or maybe this is sour grapes).

I was glad to see (though briefly) kids K and gave a hug to M (who called me "Gavain"). Only waved a friendly wave to k before she left with b to go into the party.

While in Seattle I had an acupuncture session on spots: P6, SP4, K3, DU20, Yintang, LR3. I finished reading "The Coffee Trader" and am now reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma"

We went to the no-ticket-necessary Rosh HaShana service with Kol HaNeshamah at a beautiful building owned by firstchurchseattle.org (then S and I gave portions of the end-of-service honey cake to the Seattle seemingly-hungery). Then the next day Thursday we went to Tashlich also with Kol HaNeshamah at Lake Washington then we walked through madronawoods.org

After our visit to Lost Valley we drove further south to Arcata (arriving Sunday evening), saw portions of S's family then Tuesday evening arrived in Elk Grove staying overnight at my dad's house.

After the interview on Wednesday S and I went gift shopping in Old Sacramento then left arriving in San Francisco in the evening.

Last night I picked up some Jin deui for S and was at Eudemonia while R played at a Magic Cards draft. A strange thing to do on Kol Nidre.


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Oct. 9th, 2007 12:05 am (UTC)
after waving
hi ming,

i just have to comment that after waving at me, you went into Keli's house, but i was not with beth and i did not leave the front yard after you waved at me.

i do trust that the universe will see fit to bring us together to a place where we can share love and intimacy face to face...and i have to say that i was totally astounded to find you at LV without telling me you were coming. i know that you love me, but your actions are not what is telling me this; it's just a knowing that i have deep in my heart. i wish when you come to LV you'd let me know so that i could connect with you.

but that's life.

however, i would have kept that all to myself if i hadnt read that i walked away with "b" after you waved. that's not true.

and yes, i still love you

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