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We are now in Grass Valley [Update: actually back in San Francisco, having been] exploring options for housing in the heart of Sacramento hopefully near to the Regional Transit Light Rail System. A friend in Grass Valley is kind to let us use his house as temporary housing to search from a more locale local in the Sacramento Valley area then from either Arcata or the Bay Area.

While S and I were in Arcata we saw members of S's local family.

On Sunday we saw an Aliens marathon of the first four movies. I believe "Aliens" is best (exciting to me, upbeat), then "Alien". Later we saw "Stranger Than Fiction" which was exceptionally good, funny, insightful.

We also had a nice walk around the Arcata Marsh, birding a bit. Another evening we saw "MirrorMask". I really liked the visual 'special effects' aspects of that movie.

Over the last year I have been having good experiences in Eugene's, Bellevue's, Arcata's, and Red Bluff's Umpqua Bank. They as a "Bank" seem helpful, friendly, usually with a ready supply of coffee. The Bellevue branch even has candies and large cookies. I find their tagline of "Bank, Sip, Surf" funny. They seem hilarious as a 'small branch' bank that has been busy buying up small banks yet not seemingly being able to breakinto the large town locals. Like the nearest to Seattle city branch was in the suburb of Bellevue. The nearest to the Bay Area is in Napa. Kinda inconvenient but they also are in the most unusual of locals. Some times really convenient if traveling in rural areas.

This was even more funny (to us.)

While in Sacramento we first got wifi at the Sacramento Valley Station [CoSDepot] to find other wifi spots to Craigslist available locations.

Regarding the update. So we have been using the MacBook to look for housing, and we have been busy also traveling to spot to spot. We are right now back in San Francisco for S's sister's birthday.

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