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All Over The Place

We have been all over the place since February: driving from Lost Valley in Dexter to Arcata, bussing to the Bay Area (to fly from a metropolitan area), flying to Wilmington (to ship S's dad's stuff from the suburbs), thereby staying in Delaware for three weeks, then flying to Las Vegas (for the PLC thing), ridesharing back to the Bay Area, bussing to Arcata (to get the car and the bikes), driving back to the Bay Area (for my sister's wedding), driving further with the bikes to Las Vegas (for the peacewalk with bike support), then staying in Nevada for six weeks (as M was on vacation to Ireland and as Lost Valley decided on my membership application), then driving to Arcata, driving to Lost Valley (to move my stuff from Lost Valley to Pleasant Hill), then driving to Seattle, staying in the Seattle area for three and a half months, then driving to Sacramento (for S's interview), driving to San Francisco (to wait), driving to Arcata (more waiting), driving to Grass Valley (to be near Sacramento to look for housing), then today driving to San Francisco for Y's birthday.

So once a upon a time in a land not that far away I used to think it was stupid that people would be confused when they were asked where they were. Now I know better.

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