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Finding wireless internet has been scarce to occasional. S and I are back in Grass Valley to continue the housing search for a place in Midtown Sacramento. I had fun participating in Y's birthday celebration over the weekend. Finding the geocache while taking a peaceful walk in Mt Hope Cemetery was exciting and unexpected. I had never before heard of such a game. I was initially suspicious of the camo-ducktaped peanut butter jar. I hadnt known there was duct tape in 'camouflage' pattern. The jar contained some friendship bracelets, a Jeep Travel Bug, a pad of paper with comments ranging from 2005 to the present, and other trinkets. After reading about the geocache and the Mt Hope Cemetery I have been reading about Gordon Moore and about Jessica Dubroff. Life reflecting things on the internet.

I cant fully express how much fun I had in the straw bale maze. The visiting of the goat farm was also very fun and had the plus of tasty samples.

I also saw a beautiful sunset with S on Pescadero Beach.

Wireless for this post was available only if I stood 1) in the middle of North St. in Pescadero or 2) if I stood on a chair in the living room of the place we roomed at for the birthday weekend.

Right now I am using the wireless at The Naked Lounge.

Gotta go now. Thank you for your attention.

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