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I was initially suspicious of the camo-ductaped peanut butter jar in the middle of the graveyard. For one, I hadn't known there was duct tape in 'camouflage' pattern. I explored further and found the jar contained an odd assortment of items: some friendship bracelets, a Jeep Travel Bug, various trinkets, and, perhaps most intriguingly, a pad of paper with comments ranging from 2005 to the present. S called it a "geocache".

I had never before heard of such a game. It seemed kind of like a cross between a scavenger hunt, a time capsule and a gift exchange.

Discovering the geocache made a fun end to an enjoyable weekend on the coast in and around Pescadero with S and her family. I can't fully express how much fun I had in the straw bale maze. The visiting of the goat farm was also very fun and had the plus of tasty samples. I also saw a beautiful sunset with S on Pescadero Beach.

Between all the excitement, finding wireless internet has been scarce to occasional. Wireless for this post was available only if I stood 1) in the middle of North St. in Pescadero or 2) if I stood on a chair in the living room of the place we roomed at for the birthday weekend. I am sending this from a coffeeshop in Sacramento.

All in all, the weekend made for a lovely respite from the housing search in Sacramento while staying in a guest room in Grass Valley. Now back to real life and your regularly scheduled livejournal.

So all you readers, which version do you like better ?


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Oct. 11th, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
this is the best.
by far, this has been the best layout. the foothills of oregon (or the appalachains, whichever pleases you the most) with a touch of asia thrown in. yes, yes, it fits you the best my friend.

i'm picturing you standing in the middle of the street blogging. brings a smile to my face, and also thoughts of - goodness, i hope it's not a busy street :) but way to go you, forcing cars to drive around you while you blog. we shouldn't be driving cars anyways, so, good for you for making a stand against them by blogging in the middle of the street :).

guess i'm feeling a tad playful as well.

brooke. yes, the short one from oregon........... temporarily living in the alien land of utah.
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