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Change of Scenery

After being in Pescadero for Y's birthday celebration, S and I have been back and forth throughout mid-California. We have been going from Y's location in San Francisco to M's house in Grass Valley back into Sacramento (to get familiar with the city) then going back to Grass Valley at night. We somewhat spontaneously went to Lafayette for the fall NDE Board meeting and Retreat (held over a couple of days at G's home) then traveled over to Berkeley to see R and J then stopped for a period of nonmovement on Crown Beach in Alameda then over to San Francisco for dinner at Y's, then stayed overnight in Berkeley. We then went back to Sacramento (checking on the potential apartment and local wireless internet) then back up to Grass Valley (for a couple of days) then into West Sacramento (to look at furniture at an IKEA) and have been staying for the past few days at A's student residence in Davis.

I think if I were to draw a schematic of where we have been since this year of 2007 began, it would look like a map of the United States, then take a fat red crayon and scribble it up and down the west coast states (and Southern Nevada) with a big ol' scrawl over to the east coast for the Wilmington, Delaware, visit. In April of 2006 I hadnt even been planning on leaving the Willamette Valley area in Oregon, except to see monthly R and J in the Bay Area.

I think that soon our "transit lifestyle" as it has been called, will soon move to its next phase, settling in Midtown Sacramento.

When I have had available internet and space out time I have been dividing it between looking for things needed IRL, Wikipedia, WikiMapia, email, and reading LJ (rarely). Otherwise I have been reviewing Spanish via Talk Now! and Talk More when I have been with out of wireless connectivity. I have been still reading a couple of books ranging from "The Omnivore's Dilemma" to "Here She Lies" to "Forensics for Dummies" when S has been using the MacBook.

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