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I am thinking about going here tonight:
New Year's Eve Party
Brazilian Style
Queen Sheba Restaurant 
1704 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95817
Serving Ethiopian Food and Drinks
Salsa, Reggae, Old - School, Forro
Samba Show

I have had a fun weekend. We saw "Beowulf" again on the IMAX screen, this time with humbaba1949. I think we had a fun time, then discussed the merits of the movie afterward. I really loved the flying scenes (as shown on the big big six story tall screen) but like as well seeing animated simulated life like faces. I really want to take flying lessons.

On Christmas we saw "The Golden Compass" then had Chinese food. A traditional christmas for me.

Yesterday S and I went for a walk in the American River Parkway which I enjoyed a lot though it was cold weather. Slick mud and dried grass frequently underfoot, dried brown dead ivy vines encasing large leaf-bare Cottonwood trees along the winding path.

I am making lentil soup tonight.


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Jan. 3rd, 2008 03:53 am (UTC)
If a child of 10 grows up watching movies like this
On Thursday we watched a Beowulf at an IMAX theater. I was overawed by the IMAX 3-D. The effects were far beyond what I am used to. The thing is that intrigues me most is what will be the aesthetic sensibilities of someone that watches movies like this every other week. If a child of 10 grows up watching movies like this what kind of movies will they create and how will they judge them?
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