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meeting CouchSurfers in Sacramento

We went to the Queen Sheba event last night and met other CouchSurfers: Jeff, then Ruzha, Herb, Erik and Tracy (we had already met Tracy at the last Beer and Brunch). I had fun talking with the peoples and dancing.

In early December went to the last CouchSurfing Beer and Brunch and have already met Daniel, Jenofear, Geoff, Dave, Christina, and Charmagne. I had fun there as well.

I have been having nice email conversations with Merly.

We might do Second Saturday this second Saturday. Sounds fun.

How was your weekend and New Years ?

In other realms of my life: I am saddened to hear Lost Valley seems to be failing as an organization.

I am also pondering if I want to bottomline these kinds of posts in the future:

Subject: NDE News - Late Dec. newsletter, Yucca Mountain Comments, Environmental Justice Teach-In, Torture on Trial, Peace Walk 2008, Shundahai retreat
Nevada Desert Experience News


Download here:


Please send in your comments regarding the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository before the deadline for comments of Jan 10th, 2008

Of Nevadans, who would bear the physical and emotional brunt of a nuclear waste accident at Yucca Mountain, 74% oppose depositing Nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Those who hold the public trust should listen to their counsel. Help make the voices of the people heard.

The address for written comments regarding Yucca Mountain:

     EIS Office US Dept of Energy
     Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Mgmt
     1551 Hillshire Drive
     Las Vegas NV 89134

     FAX  1-800-967-0739   or   http://www.ocrwm.doe.gov

     information at:   http://www.ocrwm.doe.gov/ym_repository/seis/index.shtml



Lenten Desert Witness '08 will be an 'Environmental Justice Teach-In' - March 14th -15th, 2008 in Las Vegas. This workshop was shaped to update and create new awareness about the impacts of nuclear testing and storage of nuclear wastes at the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository on precious life, land, water and air. Two of the questions to be addressed are A) how do these nuclear issues impact the experience and living out of justice in such an environment, and B) what are the wise actions we may want to engage in response. Presenters for LDE '08 are drawn from a diversity of cultural traditions, academics, legal specialties, downwinders and former workers at the test site whose lives have been shaped by aspects of the nuclear age. Please set aside the dates of March 14th & 15th, as we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. More details of the upcoming LDE will be forthcoming in the new year on our website: http://NevadaDesertExperience.org .



Thank you to Fr. Louie Vitale, Fr. Steve Kelly, Mary Burton Riseley, Betsy Lamb and Fr. Jerry Zawada--and their attorneys and supporters--for putting torture on trial. Vitale and Kelly are currently serving a five month prison sentence following their November 2006 arrest at Ft. Huachuca, protesting military intelligence training there that fosters torture. Riseley, Lamb and Zawada continued the witness against torture and were arrested at Ft. Huachuca a year later, on November 18, 2007. At their December 4 arraignment in federal court, they pled not guilty. Lamb and Zawada were sent to prison due to failure to heed court orders in pending cases in other jurisdictions. At their December 6 detention hearing, they were denied bail and returned to prison until trial.

Trial for the three is tentatively set for February 4.

Write to the Prisoners of Conscience:

Stephen Kelly #00816111 CI
Taft Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 7001
Taft, CA 93268

Louis Vitale
Booking #879645
P.O. Box 679
El Centro, CA  92244

Frances Elizabeth Lamb #92100020
P.O. Box 6300
Florence, AZ 85232

Jerome Zawada  #04995045
P.O. Box 6300
Florence, AZ 85232



March 17-24, 2008

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2008 Nevada Desert Experience peacewalk. Please spread the word about this year's walk and then come with a friend to the Nevada Desert. This year's simpler peacewalk will again traverse the desert between North Las Vegas to the Nevada Test Site, a pilgrimage of 65 miles over five days.

This year's Sacred Peace Walk overlaps with the holy days of Purim, Good Friday, Mohammed's birthday, and Easter. We are inviting local religious leaders to come walk with us and lead prayer during the days' lunch breaks (rather than in the evenings).

Additionally there is a Teach-In on Environmental Justice on March 14 & 15 before the peacewalk, being held in North Las Vegas by Nevada Desert Experience.

Like last year, we will have an orientation the day before the walk, on the afternoon of March 17th with a St. Patrick's Day dinner to follow. The peacewalk will begin from the Martin Luther King statue in North Las Vegas on Tuesday March 18th, arriving at the Test Site Sunday morning for a simple nonviolent prayer-action.

There will also be a memorial to honor Corbin Harney (b. March 24, 1920, Bruneau, Idaho – d. July 10, 2007, near Petaluma, California)

We also are encouraging participants to stay for the Monday morning action (on March 24th). We feel this action, geared as a presentation to the Test Site workers, will inform the workers of our shared common ground with them and why we are protesting the work being done at the Test Site.

Registration information is online at http://www.nevadadesertexperience.org/programs/2008/peacewalk.htm .
Come to the desert with us.



The Shundahai Network (SN) Board is currently planning an open strategy meeting to plan the future of SN. The meeting is open to all supporters, and any others interested in exploring future collaboration with SN. The goals of the meeting include concrete strategising for the future of the network and producing a general plan for the organization. The date is set for January 11-13, 2008, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas, 3616 E. Lake Mead, Las Vegas, NV 89115.

For more information and to RSVP, please visit: http://www.shundahai.org or email shundahai@shundahai.org

Nevada Desert Experience
1420 W. Bartlett Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
(702) 646-4814

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