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Feb. 27th, 2008

We have been watching "Big Love" online here. There was a quote: "Now, remember: stewardship, not consumption, is the proper relation to material wealth." that I liked, in contrast to the context of a) how it was said and b) in how I desire to live my life ("wealth" being relative).

I have been also reading "Basilisk" and enjoying it in between breaks of studying Geography.

I updated my profiles on CouchSurfing.org, WiserEarth.org, and my WikiSpaces.com things.

I have been cleaning out the NDE email sender to send out this email:
"Hello Supporters of Nevada Desert Experience

I hope you are doing well this season.

Below are two attached pdf documents: 1) Earth, Wind, Fire and Water: An Environmental Justice Teach-in on March 14 - 15 at Christ Church Episcopal 2000 S. Maryland Parkway
(in Las Vegas), and 2) postcards regarding Bombplex and the Public Hearing being held March 6th at the Atomic Testing Museum (also in Las Vegas). We at NDE feel these events are important for you to read to let you know what is important to us and may be of concern to you.


I have had the thought that I really should be the last person to be clearing out a public email address of spam when under time pressure. It is not really bringing me to joy.

I am also writing a bit to say at the funeral on Friday.

I am feeling 'overly busy'.

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