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I have been having a lot of feeling recently. Too many and too hard for me to describe so this "list" may be more list-like than usual.

I have been busy studying for my Geography class.

In reverse order chronology:

I have been busy and am busy doing outreach and organization for a Sustainability Symposium for OrganicSacramento.org and RelocalizeSacramento.org.

Yesterday I was Interviewed by Emily Scott for an article about CouchSurfing.org for a magazine called Midtown Monthly for the upcoming July 2008 "travel" Issue. I had a lot of fun.

I became a moderator of the Sacramento CouchSurfing group. I should be fairly responsible as a moderator.

Sunday was an evening meeting with RelocalizeSacramento.org wherein they signed on as co-organizers and supportive of the Sustainability Symposium. During the day S and I had a really pleasant walk through the wooded riparian grounds of the Ancil Hoffman Park along the American River.

This past weekend was a Nevada Desert Experience Board Meeting wherein I became the Chair of the Executive Committee. This weekend event has contributed to some of my welling frustrations.

I was approached to become a future board member of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op after participating, since Februrary, in an Ad hoc Committee. I think I will take this slowly.

I was asked to do a presentation about organics to about 40 4th graders of Language Academy of Sacramento and Fruitridge Elementary School in their school garden, the Hugo Chacón Memorial Garden. I had a great experience talking there, along with my friend Sarah. Productive for me as well as the school kids, after listening and asking questions about organics, participated in painting some canvas banners for the group OrganicSacramento that can be used for tabling and for the Sustainability Symposium. I additionally pursued getting the event to garner extra credit points for my Geography class.

After obtaining art supplies (to make the above banners), which were heavier than I thought they would be, I took a ride in a VeloCab to get home.

S, Y, Merly, and I went to an ice cream social held as appreciation for signature gathers (me) by EqualityForAll upon the conclusion of their stage of the campaign for the campaign against the proposed California constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriages. Information can be found here and from the California Secretary of State website here.

This, after we all enjoyed being on the Sacramento Southern Railroad. I was surprised that they all had as much fun as they did on that hot, hot day. I was glad for the opportunity for ice cream.

S, Y and I went to a winetasting Fundraiser for an Urban Farm Stand by AlchemistCDC.org. It was fun, laidback, and a good networking opportunity for the Sustainability Symposium.

I had fun going to a Registered Nursing Job Fair held by ADVANCEweb.com where I got some Continuing Education Units and checked out the local job scene.

On Earth Day, I tabled for OrganicSacramento.org at Sacramento City College. It was cold and windy that day. I was glad to get better acquainted with the Sacramento Bike Kitchen which was the table I chose to be next to me.

On April 20th, S and I also tabled for OrganicSacramento.org at the Earth Day at Southside Park , which is where I was approached about the organics and Fruitridge presentation as well as for tabling at Earth Day at Sacramento Community College.

While looking for a 'Sustainable Event' we stumbled upon a Sacramento Valley Section of the American Planning Association (APA) Conference. The couchsurfer we had that day, got bored and left, but we got to meet Christopher Leinberger who was the keynote speaker. We talked our way into the event, because it was an expensive conference, half over, and primarily aimed at 'professional planners' (I guess we are only hacks at it) who were there for CEUs for work.

I went to (and while there, studied Geography 300) at a Disability Awareness Day focusing on Invisible Disabilities at Sacramento Community College.

I barely missed the Sacramento Spray Lobby Day.

Made a friend, Gwen.

Went to a Sacramento CouchSurfing get together on April 13th after bringing a Sacramento CouchSurfing friend to a SacFNB scooping that happened earlier that day.

I found, while making photocopies for OrganicSacramento, that there is a California Chinese American History Museum here in Sacramento.

I moved the wormbin from one bin into two half as deep bins.

I had fun going to a Green California Summit to network for the Sustainability Symposium. While I was there I got some nice swag.

I went to an event for a group called Peace in the Precincts to do some networking.

I shaved off my beard.

I donated blood for the first time.

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