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Still busy ...

I have been having fun.

S's sisters E and Y, and S's mom are staying in Sacramento for a while. We have been having fun playing Boggle (on the computer), playing recorder, parallel play with laptop computers, some shopping at Old Sacramento, Target and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. The upcoming agenda holds for tonight playing "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game" (website here) and "Super Scrabble" and probably making challah tomorrow.

I am applying to be a docent at the California State Railroad Museum primarly to help work on maintance of the rails of the Sacramento Southern Railroad. I am wanting to do some more volunteering out in the open air.

I have been editing the upcoming issue of Desert Voices. I found the overall process somewhat frustrating.

I have been enjoying emailing a friend from Jr. High who currently lives in San Diego.

Last Sunday I helped provide some medical support for the River City Run IV. I received a participant tee shirt that has the "four fishes"


As I was stationed out at "Water Station 2" at the 5km mark, I mainly was handing out water cups to the runners as they passed rapidly by, while the bag of medical supplies, remained not needed at my feet. I think I want to participate again next year because it was fun for me.

We had about 75 participants at the busy Sustainability Symposium on Saturday, May 31st. We had organic food from Sacramento Food Not Bombs and Synergy Chef Collaborative and organic coffee from BeanTrees. We made some good and interesting connections with the participants. There were also performances from the Davis Sustainable Living Circus and a solar cooking demonstration from Solar Cookers International. We then had movement to create a "Sacramento Permaculture Guild": http://www.wiserearth.org/group/sacpermaguild with the idea that participants can form community and enlist and receive help on their respective projects, instead of doing their interesting projects alone. Sharing resources.

On a Thursday I helped Gwen with some wall painting and box moving.

Two weekends ago S and I created seed balls with our vermacomposting casting, some art clay, and various heritage seeds. We then did some gardening with them and gave some away at the Symposium as well.

On some random day within the past month when I updated last, I gave blood again. I then had a reaction wherein I felt dizzy and headachy from giving blood too fast. Treated with drinking fluids and rest, I felt better within 15min.

I went to a "Salute to Israel" that was on the California State Capitol Park lawn. Huge counter demonstration across the street.

I got an "A", I think, in my classes.

I had a lot of fun at the CouchSurfing meetup at Brew it Up! before last month's Second Saturday Art Walk.

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