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Jun. 9th, 2008

From S: "This Sacramento Sustainability Action Group came out of a desire to help some of the energy raised at the Sacramento Sustainability Symposium flourish into future events and projects in the Sacramento area. People are invited to use the Action Group page as a tool for organizing future sustainability-related events [in the Sacramento area].

The Sustainability Symposium went well. The registration we kept showed we had 75 participants, (including the volunteers and the 15 UC Davis students of the Sustainable Living Circus). [It never felt like that many though, as we had the big auditorium in the Cal/EPA Headquarters Building. It felt like it would have felt a little more energetic with more people. The people] who came all seemed to have a nice time, were inspired to talk to each other. Participants still there at the end didn't seem to want to leave and couldn't wait until the next one. The panels and discussion groups went well, and there was a plethora of good organic food prepared and donated [from Sacramento Food Not Bombs and Synergy Chef Collaborative].

[S] also created the WiserEarth page Sacramento Permaculture Guild which exists to connect people certified, experienced, or interested in permaculture, ecological design, green living, and organic gardening in the Sacramento region in order to create a more vibrant and sustainable local community through work-parties, potlucks, workshops and skillshares."

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