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I am feeling excited about the "Echoes-in-Time" and "Climate Convergence" events coming up.

Today I am still feeling sick and low energy so I am going to "Bark at the Capitol" rather than gardening as I had originally hoped to do. We also finally, at long last, got a community garden plot. Snoopy happy dance ensues.

There is a lot of reddish sky and a smoky haze in the air from, I guess, 850 Fires Across Northern California Create Unhealthy Air "Nearly 850 wildfires, many sparked by an "unprecedented" weekend lightning storm, burned a swath of Northern California on Monday —including Napa, Mendocino, Monterey, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Solano counties."

I had a lot of fun being in San Francisco last weekend with R and S at "The Big One" permaculture gathering in Golden Gate Park, bringing seedballs and a picnic to share. I also finally finally found out the name to Alvord Lake Bridge.

I might be a docent volunteer at the California State Railroad Museum. Then I have been having the comical tragic thought: "What is "appropriate historical costume" for me ?"

As I have been feeling stomach upset sick for a while, I have been listening to a lot of David Rovics as my time is swallowed by Facebook playing "Mob Wars" with my mobster, "Vampires" with my Vampire Warrior, "Zombies" with my Leftenant Zombie (guess I have been missing role-playing games), and Scramble.

Served a dinner and got to know a neighbor a bit.

I felt disappointed that R and J fell ill last week also, thus cancelling their trip to me to experience the pool, go rock climbing, and see "Iron Man".

Last week S and I had a fun time learning briefly (in the library) how to do the East Coast Swing.

I have been having fun going to Farmers' Markets, getting groceries and scoping out possible food sources for Sacramento FNB.

I represented Organic Sacramento at the AlchemistCDC's Urban Farm Stand answering questions about "Organics", while also passing out seedballs, and permaculture information.

We went on a nice walk near Lake Natoma south of Folson Lake on a sunny warm, picnicky day.

Picked oranges for SacFNB. Facebook,

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