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Yesterday we saw "The Dark Knight" with Merly and Tracy. Lots of explosions, racing, fighting.

That was a fun, kinda, return to consumerist civilization, cause ...

At 2:30a in the morning of yesterday, S and I stepped of the Greyhound bus rearriving in Sacramento, after having been for a week having fun camping out in Coburg, Oregon at the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action, a news article about it here. The byline is: "8 days of low-impact living and high-impact action". Truthful.

While there we were in workshops where I learned about Basic Photovoltaics (learning about SunElCo, a company that has an educational source catalogue about renewable energy), Street Theater (making a skit about Nevada Desert Experience), Fundraising, the "Western Oregon Plan Revisions", an animal rights look at "Livestock's Long Shadow", understood more about the Beehive Design Collective and their superb complex artwork and message framing, and Rising Tide North America, as well as how to tree climb. I am feeling super enthusiastic and excited (even after slogging through putting these experiences into words).

In the transition from Rob and Anna's home in Pleasant Hill we had a nice breakfast with Shawna at the Walnut Street Co-op in Eugene.

Last weekend, while at Anna and Rob's, I had fun picking blueberries and other fruit after I had wrapped my hand in bullwhip kelp to reduce swelling from mosquito bites that I received while being at the ...

Echoes-in-Time event at Willamette Mission State Park. At the classes there I made boots constructed of felt and conveyor belt material for the soles, a belt on an inkle loom, a bowl made from a gourd, and spoons made from horn. I think humbaba1949 had fun. I also brought home materials to start weaving baskets again.

On the weekend of July 20th we met and gave a carpool ride to Florent to the "early living skills gathering"

For E's Birthday, S bought and I helped install a Tarkett linoleum floor into E's apartment in Arcata.

Happy Birthday E !

I enjoyed the ride we took up to Arcata on the Amtrak.

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