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I just had the best dream ever.

I just had the best dream ever.

I had this tubular yellow inflatable wet suit and a mini sub that was in a large blue water pool. There was some conflict and I was going down with the sub into the pool with other crew on the outside of the sub in shallow waters nearby to whales,

Then I am on the roof of a tall group of city buildings with a mob of people. I have a horse on a tether behind me. Then we are trying to get past a monster around a corner that was being teased but is now resting. There is no other way off the roof, the other two roof egress points are not viable. I am leading a group of people, edging past the fire breathing jellyfish like scaly monster when one of the mobsters begins whipping the monster again, waking it as I am creeping by it with the horse in tow. It wakes and rushes me and we flee off the roof with the monster in hot pursuit of the horse and I. We fly off the roof in a somewhat predetermined flight plan dropping into a room with a sunroof over a pool. The horse and I plunge through the roof and submerge into the pool where the monster can't get us. The monster leaves and flies circles around outside the room with the pool. I leave the horse in the water, get out and put the pool in a paper bag inside a low rectangular cardboard box. I pick up the box and carry it, with the horse's nose sticking out of the bag, downstairs to a lower roof level that looks sorta like a high rise parking lot. People are packed in to this sub roof level, panicked and scared of the monster flying around, circling. I am hiding the horse in the waterfilled bag inside the cardboard box in my arms. I put down the box by a window sill and use a fire hose to refill the sloshing out part, but the water coming out of the hose is blackish. People are still packed and panicked. The monster is outside occasionally nipping at windows, looking for prey but specifically the horse.

I pull a fat rolled paper tube of paper out of the box and blow into it, making a bellowing noise that calls forth an army of angels falling out of the sky, their white felt wings cut out from the cloud layer overhead, dropping from the clouds and flying to assemble on the ground outside where we are, ready to defend us. Then I wake up, feeling happy and energetic.

The context of this dream in my life is that I usually am having about two nightmares per night. Sometimes waking screaming, mostly waking with a deep feeling of dread.

Most of the dreams have dead people talking to me, Or being chased by some malevolent dark being, sometimes insect like. Or being in a maze of buildings, looking for something. Or of soldiers being on a battlefield camouflaged among the dead. Or of cats or children blissfully tracking poop around as I am cleaning up after them. Sometimes I am being looked at by a group of refugees like I am supposed to be a leader to get them out of their dire problem.

There has been the observations that I ...
1) dislike naps during the day as I 90% of the time wake with really painful headaches,
2) have a diagnosis of narcolepsy,
3) dislike being left out or disconnected,
4) have very realistic hypnogogic dreams and, being that I am a visual person, the dreams seem very real and memory like for me,
5) I don't feel rested from sleeping.

Y has said it is not fair that I have narcolepsy and have nightmares. One or the other but nobody should have both.
S has noted that I associate sleeping with traumatic experiences, specifically waking up in strange places (at the bottom of an escalator, on a train somewhere, in an overflowing bathtub days after having started taking a shower), having just had a nightmare.
I have noted most of my nightmares are in two hour blocks; first nightmare wakes me at 1:30a after having gone to bed at 11p. The second nightmare wakes me at 6ish after having woken briefly at 4a. That's a pattern.

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