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I desire to "save" rainforest area. Rainforests are oxygen giving, nutrient poor areas where the trees and plants get most of their nutrients from the atmosphere. The persistant rainfall washes out the nutrients from the soils causing poor soil quality creating oxisols (the name of this type of soil).

While at the Climate Convergence http://www.climateconvergence.org/west , I learned that sometimes in order to save rainforest acres, companies sometimes destroy rainforests to harvest the wood, plant trees in tree plantations to claim "tree planting credits" then claim "carbon credits" for the trees planted. There are protests against this Deserto verde http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deserto_verde . Often the trees planted are monocrops as well lacking true rainforest diversity.

So I sent an email after returning from the Climate Convergence in the first week of August, 2008 to Nature.org regarding this Facebook apps (Lil) Green Patch http://apps.facebook.com/greentrees and Deserto Verde with the question about Nature Conservancy and oversight about their actions. I haven't heard back from them.

I have sent a number of emails so far requesting that they give me assurances that my donations to The Nature Conservancy are honorably being utilized in forest growth, rainforest protection, humanitarian methods, in the spirit of my giving.

There still has been no response from Nature.org

Lots of my Facebook friends have (Lil) Green Patch and feel like they are saving rainforests by clicking on the button. But are they really "saving" rainforest area, or inadvertently contributing to it's destruction and capitalization by corporations ?

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