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"Bailey is voting No on 4, 8, 10, P, V. Yes on 1A, 2, 5, 12, A, B, H, K, T." 8:29am

R at 8:35am October 15
"How about on 7 ?"

Bailey Stevens at 9:25am October 15
"right now i'm conflicted on 7 -- i'm pro renewables but a lot of environmental groups are opposing it. i need to do more research. do you know anything about it?"

R at 9:39am October 15
"I am pro renewables and anti "bad" laws. What I have read seems to be good toward me voting "Yes". So Sofia Gonzalez and Doug Grandt (both on my friend list) are also pro 7. Sofia (an organizer for 7) has more specific details about why some environmental groups are against it ("many have received donation money from energy corporations") and has: http://confusedinsolarcalifornia.blogspot.com , Doug is "an energy guy" who also works for the Air Resources Board and I met him via permaculture and organizing the Sustainability Symposium http://tinyURL.com/4jcpme . I am voting "Yes" unless I hear something terrible about it, soon."

So, in case you were interested, I am voting for Heather Fargo for Mayor of Sacramento, Dave Jones for California State Assembly District 9, (and I would be voting for Alyson Huber for Assembly District 10 and Bill Durston for California's 3rd congressional district if I could), "Yes" on 1A, "Yes" on 2, "No" on 4, "Yes" on 5 http://www.aclunc.org , "No" on 6, "YES" on 7 http://www.Yeson7.net , "NO" on 8 http://www.NOonProp8.com , "No on 9 http://www.aclunc.org , and "No" on 10.

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