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Yesterday we celebrated S's birthday. We swam in the American River at "Paradise Beach" after biking there. I was increasing my prana.

We made elderberry jam / syrup from the elderberries we picked with Enit last week and in the intervening weekend between had fun at the Fair Oaks Renaissance Tudor Fayre (set in the setting of Bridgwater in the year 1532) with S's dad.

I have been having fun 'chanting' and looking up information about Ayurvedia since being at the "Yoga Vacation" at the Sivananda Yoga Farm. I even bought the CD (of the Satsang Kirtan chants) and "Kirtan Chanting Book" as it's music brought me to tears.

I have been gardening in our allotment. Enjoying my successes and learning curve encouraging life.

I had a lot of fun being at the Harmony Festival, seeing friends (some who I planned on meeting up with there via facebook and Facebook Status Updates), contributing by being a volunteer at the Earth Activist Training booth, seeing the speakers Julia Butterfly, Starhawk, Joanna Macy, the events including the Permibus, Michael Franti & Spearhead.

I notice with dismay that I have been updating this livejournal less and that I have been using and updating via Facebook more. I have the ideas that my writing style is kinda list like. And what could be more list like than Facebook ? I do not like this idea as a portend to my longer-term desire of increasing my writing proficiency.

In regards to fb I have been noticing and thinking about the Geography concept of Distance decay, and how, for me Facebook decreases the distance decay both physically and temporally.

I am enjoying my interface with Facebook, friends, and offline life. I've had some good dinners (hooked up with fb chat), saw the activist movie "Food, Inc." with friends (arranged by fb), and am happy with fb being a tool for increasing and deepening social interaction.

Other IRL things that have happened include that the Geography course ended well. The Permibus visited us in Sacramento, contributing to much fun for me. My computer hard drive died, and was replaced, hindering slightly my Geography term project which utilized Google Earth.

An uncle died. That was sad but offered the opportunity to meet some needs expressed by my mother.

I missed the protest in the desert at Creech AFB against the drones and the fun of the annual peacewalk. I missed the Nevada Desert Experience council meeting but I was glad to have created an agenda for the council meeting, wanting to be in Las Vegas for the Sacred Peacewalk (and council meeting) but resigned to not being there, and feeling tired of persistently feeling dizzy and ill since the accident.


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Jul. 3rd, 2009 05:05 pm (UTC)
a link from Facebook to LiveJournal?

Facebook lends itself to list-like very short entries and LiveJournal to larger essays. One way to take advantage of the strengths of both would be to create a link from Facebook entries to LiveJournal entries. I assume that this is possible although I don't know how to do it.

I for one do not find her writing style distractingly list-like.

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