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Rendezvous for a Party

The Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch (fb page here) was " ... better than Disneyland." I appreciated the welcoming atmosphere I experienced during the time I was at the Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch during S's birthday. True, they did not specifically have vegetarian or "local" or "organic" food, but I heard they tried to accommodate our desires. They did not have any of the usual stuff I attempt to bring into my daily life yet I found my experiences there to be fun. As you can see historically I usually attempt to stay with .org deep links, acknowledge the bias in .com websites and avoid links in my LiveJournal to them as much as I endeavor to spend time and money wisely in my life and not acquire stuff, especially cheapo stuff. Even with those biases, I really became a "fan" of the Greenhorn Ranch.

We landed there cause Y could find no other lodging cause most other places were booked cause of the High Sierra Music Festival set to take place in nearby Quincy. B had picked up Y, and her bicycle, and had drove south from Arcata (or Redding, I am not sure) to meet us for S's birthday celebration.

I had been informed we would be rondevouing with them at a "dude" ranch. Once S and I arrived, I realized what the definition of "dude ranch" was here. Since leaving the dude ranch, I have recounted the catch-and-release fishing adventure we had at the Greenhorn Ranch stocked pond, the flying paper airplanes during dessert one evening after dinner in the "Chuck House", the kids birthday singing song to the grownup in the room having her birthday, and the frog race (where I heard they weekly lead a party of kid guests out to the pond on Tuesday, catch the frogs, have the frog race on Wednesday, then release the frogs back into the pond as a scheduled activity), multiple times to friends and other bicyclists during our multi-month bicycle trip.

I think it would be fun to bring J and R to have fun, for a couple of days here.

After being at the pool, the saloon, the lodge of the Greenhorn Ranch, surrounded by kids, for a couple of days, and spending time doing laundry and acquiring minor parts and repairs for the bicycles, the three of us, Y, S, and I biked away and down the 'Greenhorn Road' to Spring Garden then turned right on to State Route 89 going west northwestward toward Quincy.

In Quincy we got to a bike shop, The Bike Shop, to have them look at a developing crack in the support structure of the bicycle seat of the recumbent. On advice, we checked out a nearby aircraft welder of Gansner Field but I think he might have been at the music festival. We then pedaled out of town on State Route 89 going northward.

The road here was curvy and had some narrow sections. Railfans love this area of California cause of the creative use of space and track to overcome the valleys, elevation and geography of this area. I had seen Williams Loop, missed seeing the Spring Garden Tunnel, but saw and appreciated Keddie Wye with train traffic on it. I tried to bike quickly away as passing from underneath it, noting the long train of tank cars on the overhead tracks comprising the wye.

One area I did not like and was of particular concern was the section south of Indian Falls at the juncture of California State Route 70 and State Route 89. As we were going south to north, that section was going uphill and particularly dangerous. The automobile traffic slowed for us and that is where we encountered two to three passengers in cars shouting at us (one passenger shouting for us to bicycle faster or we would get somebody killed) as well as a bit of trash thrown at us from a passenger in a pickup truck. 

That night we camped near Indian Falls. Which was beautiful !

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