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Bicycling along the east side of Lake Almanor on 'Lake Almanor Eastside Road' was smooth riding. There was no 'alternate route' I saw on the "Sierra Cascades" AdventureCycling route map I had of how to bypass State Route 89 that went over Lassen National Park (which was currently closed then because of snow), but this route, based on what we heard from locals to take, of State Route 147 to State Route 36 to State Route 44 would take us through the Lassen National Forest east of the national park and rejoin 89 north of Lassen.

This route had us bicycling past folks who had been vacationing on the lake for the Fourth of July festivities.

Here, while on the road, I specifically recalled enjoying finding a way to snack on food that I was choosing to keep outside of the BearVault while bicycling.

As the "Sierra Cascades" route followed the high elevations along the western edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we passed intersections with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) more than a few times. We had heard about the PCT and Appalachian Trail (AT) hiker trail culture of the desire to have ice cream at local rest stops as depicted on NPR.org here and this weblog here & here as well as on the PCT on this blogspot here. I was up for the challenge.

At one rest stop, where we stopped to get snacks and I ice cream, Y was talking with the store clerk, and his buddy, charismatic person that she is, and they got to mentioning what the buddy had been doing over the July 4th holiday, "racing cars, welding ..." ... We needed welding and had been searching for a welder since the bike shop in Quincy that would be available.

He examined the crack that had developed in S' bike seat support, then sent a pal down to fetch his welding kit from his home in nearby Hamilton Branch.

After the pickup truck rearrived with the welding stuff, which I think was an arc welding kit, S's bike soon had a fixed bike seat support. He refused material gifts of gratitude saying he only wanted to be remembered.

We passed from Plumas County into Lassen County going from nearly carless State Route 147 to carless County Route A21 through the town of Westwood, which had an asian-based supermarket that I liked as well as supposed the birthplace of Paul Bunyan.

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