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Lassen National Forest and Subway Cave

We continued on County Route A21 (still totally carless) northward through the Lassen National Forest, encountering only two bicyclists who were also on the "Sierra Cascades" route, but going south. There were however many signs of logging activity. We arrived at the junction of State Route 44 and I was surprised as I thought there would have been a rest stop or gas station or something, but there wasn't anything but the intersection of the two roads. Heading northward on State Route 44 we encountered a fair amount of car traffic but nothing particularly bad, then rejoined California State Route 89 at the location of "Subway Cave" outside of Old Station, crossing once again the PCT.

I would recommend and highlight County Route A21 and "Subway Cave" cause the County Route was beautiful, though it had mosquitos, so much so that I choose to bike ahead of S and Y one morning instead of taking a break and having breakfast after having gotten started traveling after packing up the tents, sleeping bags, and closing the panniers. We heard from the bike travelers that we passed on A21 that the mosquito level at Crater Lake in Oregon, where they had begun their journey heading south, was extremely and unusually high (which I think dubbing 'foreshadowing' would be an understatement).

"Subway Cave" was fascinating as a lava tube. Here is a YouTube video of Subway Cave and pictures of "Subway Cave" from someone else cause the smartphone camera pictures we took showed nada cause it was dark inside the cave.

In Old Station at the 'Hat Creek Visitors Center', we met a bicyclist who, upon seeing S's recumbent bicycle, asked if her's was the bike that had been welded as he had heard the story from the 'Super Stop Foodmart' gas station in Hamilton Branch, on the shore of Lake Almanor.

I saw a huge (to me) snake slither past us at Cave Campground, across the road from the "Subway Cave". Seemed like it was four feet long. 


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