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Black Butte to Weed to Lake Shastina

 Black Butte was beautiful. I like it's coneshapedness sloped black gravely sides. I like the feeling of warmth I get when I see Black Butte. I felt this dacite lava dome to be a highlight of many of the volcanic sights we saw on this bicycle trip.

We bicycled following the AdventureCycling map out and away from the City of Mount Shasta going slightly west of, but parallel to, I-5 going northward along 'North Old Stage Road' heading northward toward the city of Weed.

The ride here was fun, with frequent opportunities to see Black Butte receding in the distance.

Most of the times that I have been in this area, on Amtrak tracks on the 'Coast Starlight', or by car on I-5, it has been more like going by the area. I appreciated getting a chance to stop and see the area this time. The City of Mount Shasta has a natural food store and a couple of bicycle repair shops and we heard this would be the last such resourced place till arriving in Ashland, Oregon.

Last week, in November in Sacramento, I went on a short bicycle trip on the American River Parkway Bike Path (a YouTube video here) to get to an appointment, kinda the first trip on the river path (another YouTube video of the path here) since being back in California from the bicycle trip. While riding I had some recollections of a couple of things from the longer bicycle trip:

The most frequent questions I received on the longer bicycle trip was: "How many miles have you gone ?" and "How many miles do you do each day ?" followed by the question: "How much does your stuff weigh ?"

While we had brought a solar panel to help recharge the smartphone, it didn't work as well as we had hoped. It needed bright overhead uninterrupted direct sunlight. By now, in July, we were recharging the smartphone at rest breaks and using the solar panel if we were resting for a while. We tried to use the solar panel as much as possible, since we had it. In the morning as leaving camp, or at evening as we were setting up camp, the light was too tangential to produce a charge. Usually, during the day, if we rested it was near an ice cream source and there by an electrical outlet as well.

The lack of being able to maintain an electrical charge in the smartphone curtailed the plan of using it as the constant GPS device (by far the largest drain on smartphone power) which was the planned source of mileage data.

As mentioned before we had attempted to consolidate devices into the smartphone rather than have separate electrically battery operated devices to do: GPS, photos, CouchSurfing.org couch requests, route mapping, and emergency phone calls.

Maps had some mileage markers but I am still consolidating the notes I took and adding up the mileage we made.

Since leaving Downtown Sacramento on June 20th and arriving at the Greenhorn Ranch in Spring Garden on June 29th, S and I had ridden 210.94miles then Y joined us riding 202.92 miles to this point (Black Butte on July 12th) for a grand total of S and I: 413.86miles.

The City of Weed was a cool drink reststop after cooking some instant thai noodle lunch (you should see the detailed notes I took that I am not including the length of on the trip) then we bicycled out along U.S. Route 97 northeastward heading on a detour to Lake Shastina.

Lake Shastina was warm water, and had a lovely spot to camp at far from automobile and city sounds.

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