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"State to State ! , State to State !"

From the 'Klamath River Country Estates', outside of Hornbrook, we pedaled back to the main road then continued westward along 'Copco Rd.' to central Hornbrook. There we had breakfast after finding out the natural food grocery store was closed.

Did I mention that this was a beautiful area of Siskiyou County ? Rolling hills and sunny roads, a bit of a stiff breeze, but altogether fun and enjoyable.

Leaving Hornbrook via 'Hornbrook Highway', we had some apprehensions as this next portion of the route had us riding along I-5 as there were no frontage roads parallel to I-5 here and no other routes out of California. We bicycled onto the freeway (which just seemed wrong) and noticed immediately that the road shoulder here was huge. There was a fair amount of road debris; hubcaps, broken glass bits, discarded beverage containers (some containing yellow fluid, *ick* [really, as a permaculture thang, it would be better, if this really was urine, to use a bottle then empty it into the earth than encapsulate it in a plastic bottle to have to be picked up by a Caltrans or ODOT worker]), and broken rubber tiedowns and snapped ends of bungie cords. The road condition however was paved, smooth, wide shoulder and the traffic was relatively slow as we were going up the hill to the Siskiyou Summit (4,310ft, the highest point on Interstate 5). 

Once arriving at the border of California / Oregon, we had photos taken of us and the border crossing signage, then continued along I-5 and took the first offramp to take 'Old Highway 99' (also known as Oregon Route 273). Here we continued going uphill toward Siskiyou Pass (4,491ft) then cresting the pass. 

A brief reststop at 'Callahan's Siskiyou Lodge' then we sped down the hill into Ashland, Oregon. We CouchSurfed with Mark Weir and had fun as our host found a way for us to see the production of "Henry IV Part I" (cause that is what tourist do in Ashland, see Shakespeare as interpreted by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival). 

That night however was a point of increasing tension. Additionally I had an episode of sleepiness and automatic behaviors that may have precipitated the increase in tension or was exacerbated by the existing tensions. Nonetheless it blemished the otherwise first nights in Oregon for this bicycling adventure.

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