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I want to write a perzine (personal zine) about narcolepsy. I am titling it "With Intention: a zine about a person with narcolepsy" since I am writing it with intention.

Life is still busy. L-M and I moved now to North Oak Park in Sacramento from Downtown Sacramento. We now have some planting space and we have been planting edibles at the new location as well as gardening and watering at the Community Garden allotment. During the time before moving in we visited the Reno–Sparks area and then the Santa Maria area. We set aside time to visit Downtown Portland to be at the 12th Annual Portland Zine Symposium where I was introduced to a perzine "Chronic" about sleep deprivation and depression. While in Portland, we heard a reading by Kate Bornstein that I found exciting and interesting, especially as Kate was in the Sea Org. I then had the continuing spark of an inspiration, based on the interview in "functionally ill 13" that I did, to create a zine. There are many people who want to write a book about narcolepsy but there is so far only one book about a personal experience of narcolepsy, which is titled "Narcolepsy: A Funny Disorder That's No Laughing Matter" by Marguerite Jones Utley.

We also went to the 11th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest. I had fun visiting two zine events, as well as the joy of making things possible.

L-M found out about and was excited to go on another anti-nuclear peacewalk and so we joined Susan Crane on her peacewalk "Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: FLockheed to Lock-Up".

In as far as gardening we have planted a bunch of basil, eggplants, loofa, a potato, and transplanted New Zealand spinach, Malabar spinach, then planted a seedless grape vine, and laid out a vast array of garlic and seeds which have germinated.

Back to the bike trip:

As we left Kooskia, we continued bicycling in Idaho County along Idaho Route 12 past where Chief Looking Glass of the Nez Perce nation had an encampment in 1877 before his area was being attacked which then provoked the Nez Perce retreat according to the highway historical marker information sign we passed.

As we left the land of Nez Perce reservation, we continued peddled along the Middle Fork Clearwater River banks, it was very clear very cold very deep very clear we passed the town of Syringa where I stopped to have some hot chocolate.


We then continued to the town of Lowell where we were then on the banks of the Lochsa river. There was a campground here that boasted a lodge where many famous people had slept including a few presidents of the United States. While at this campground, we met two bicyclists who were bicycling to fund-raise for toys for children of soldiers.

By now I was really very sleepy by each of the days. After we left this area there was signage that there were "No services" for the next 50 miles.

I was noticing things that I clearly could tell where not real yet were still very disturbing to see and yet needed to expend energy to ignore. An example of one of the things I kept seeing was in the bottom of the clear waters of the Clearwater River and now the Lochsa River where I saw images of bodies under rocks. I am sure the signage about Nez Pierce Indians forced relocation didn't help. There is a reason why people who are sleep deprived hallucinate having images of dreams invading their waking reality. Nonetheless it was still a lot of energy to expand to forcibly ignore what I figured could not really be true. Such with a symptom of excessive daytime sleepiness and hypnagogic hallucinations in this very lonely space.

We continued biking along the deep canyon valley and the banks of the Lochsa River within the Northern Rockies 15i ecoregion on the north left of us and the Idaho Batholith 16c ecoregion to the south right of us.

There was not very many services along this river which I was thanked for it to the river was beautiful and undisturbed for many areas. I am saddened to think that the mega-loads going across this highway now for pipe works going from the closest river port of Lewiston toward the Alberta tar sands. I am sadden because, let alone it being the Tar Sands (a false solution), despite their claims of no accidents, oil companies have accidents and spill oil. There a already have been two along this route.

We camped at this area where there was claimed to be a Weir hot spring. It was dark by the time we found the trailhead to the hot spring. We found it in the morning and had a fun time. The water level is regulated using aluminum cans and pipes in this otherwise natural hot spring.

When we returned back to the campsite I found a mouse had made its way into one of our bags during the night. As we packed up the campsite I've saw a hunter going past who was in camouflage paint with a compound bow and arrow. I am certain this was a reality though it would seem much like a dream.

We then passed the salt licks and found the information kiosk telling of the adventure detailed in the book "In the heart of the Bitter-Root Mountains : the story of "The Carlin Hunting Party," September-December, 1893" locating the salt licks here where George Colgate is buried then passed the DeVoto Memorial Cedar Grove named for Bernard DeVoto seen here in a beautiful 360° panorama.

Here we were in the Bitterroot Range nearing Lochsa Lodge.

We passed from Idaho into Montana at the top of this divide, after much biking we were glad to be at the top, 5,233 feet, at Lolo Pass where there is a ranger station devoted to the history of this pass.


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