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Now that is just rude.

I received in my listserve email this morning something posted to the national DS [dsafe] listserve. It was an irate letter from a recent former potential volunteer wanting to know why the Bay Area chapter stood up over ten people after canceling the new volunteer training scheduled for Feb. 25 and leaving not even a note on the door. I know that email cancellation notices for the event were sent out because I sent them. After being requested to voluntarily-leave/not-wanting-to-further-alarm-another-member, I attempted to obtain reassurances that the training cancellations would have proper follow-up, phone calls, and signage to not leave anyone cooling their heels on Sunday afternoon.

Apparently that was not done.

In trying to hide the top level secrets and major turmoil brewing both in the Bay Area chapter and at the National level office, they are loosing volunteers, and making people (according to the emailed complaint) very angry. In trying to be too selective they are cutting off their main supporters; the partiers and ravers.

What will happen to this potentially great revolutionary harm reduction organization?

D, E, and I this Monday morning attended J's Individual Education Program (IEP). It was his 'triennial evaluation' IEP basically where J's special education program is written out and agreed upon by us, his parents, and the public school district he attends. His general education teacher, his full inclusion/special education teacher, the occupational therapist, the speech and language therapist, his 'at elbow' instructional assistant, the adapted P.E. teacher/coach, and the school psychologist represented the services he is currently utilizing. Also present was a school district administrator representing 'the forces of darkness'. The meeting often is reduced to a battle over which services will be provided (by right of law) to the special education pupil and thus how the special education department will spend it's (taxpayer provided) budget. Today however there really was no arguments, just written evaluations with fairly consistent recommendations to continue J's current arrangements.


I just received some nice postcards mailed from HollyJournal. Thank you!

I am looking forward to hanging out and having lunch together with a friend tomorrow.


Feb. 27th, 2001 09:50 am (UTC)
You are a part of the Bay Area Dansafe org? Very cool. I subscribe to the newsletter. But I haven't dove in to the makings of the org. "^_^"

Sorry to hear about the email. Some people can be understanding while others send email like that. *chuckle*


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