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Some current notes...

My younger son R is feeling 'sick' and stayed home from school today. He apparently convinced both D and E of his illness this morning, but by the time I arrived (at around 11am) his symptoms had fairly vanished. He says he still is seriously sick ("...I was even vomiting clear stuff...") but is looking and acting fairly healthy now. So we played computer games on the G4. He is playing 'Crash Bandicoot Warped' on a PlayStation emulator.

E is sitting for his doctoral exams this afternoon. I am confident he will do well.

Hello to Amateur! I apologize for not responding sooner. I am new to the Emergency Department but not a new nurse. LiveJournalers krussell and janedoedoe are also of the 'health care industry.' Please tell me more of how your studies are progressing and I will attempt to relate to you any help, stories, and anecdotes that I (possibly 'we') can.

I moved down to the ED because I needed a change from 'inpatient hospital nursing'. It was also more in alignment with the direction I wanted to follow in nursing careerwise. I originally went into the nursing field for its practicality and usefulness in raising a family with children. I did not want to spend years attempting to become a specialist, nor did I want to spend all of my waking hours continuing to study my field and career. My career is raising my kids and I work to support my 'habit', 'the happy habit.' It has worked out fairly well with all original goals achieved.

I received a lot of needed assistance over the last three weeks from people in real life and here at LiveJournal. Thank you very much. I still miss B, my DanceSafe friends and the volunteering for DS. There are many different conclusions and thoughts that have been generated from the last month.

I had a terrible dream this morning that konundrum had removed her LiveJournal from LiveJournal.com

Plans are in the works for my godfather's funeral. He was a member of many community organizations in the Bay Area (at least seven, with two past presidencies, according to the Obit's) and apparently being a very important figure in the community, a funeral parade and banquet is being organized.

One of the ED doctors had to leave early last night because her child was sick and was being admitted to Children's Hospital of Oakland. I hope she and her child are okay.

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