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For the last couple of shifts in the Emergency Department, I have been working in the 'Intermediate Rooms'. The nurse who is my preceptor feels that I have already proven myself in the trauma like environment of the 'Red Rooms', and that I mainly need to improve on my "...prioritization and organizational skills" by working in the more clinic like atmosphere.

Yesterday I picked up J from the school bus and then much to his chagrin we worked on his spelling homework. The MacMAME 0.37b11a (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) version of 'Gauntlet' is keeping R very entertained. With both of us playing 'warrior' and 'valkyrie' we went up to the 90th level before dinner.

The Bravo channel last night was showing "The Godfather". I do not believe that my godfather had any similarity with the 'Don Vito Corleone' character but then, I never really inquired into his business. He was a dentist like his father before him, his father being the first dentist in America of Chinese decent.

A deal you couldn't refuse from the dental chair??

Today I am again going to pick up J from the bus, but then we are going to get R from his school and bring home some baked potatoes from a Berkeley restaurant called 'Spud Bros.'. A 'pizza potato' for J, a 'classic' for D, and a pesto covered potato for R.

The redwood sapling 'julia' is continuing to grow very nicely on D's balcony, meanwhile a sapling that I got at the SFLNC benefit party in San Francisco is starting to flourish.

I am alive again.

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