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Mar. 15th, 2001

Yum Yum

The potatoes were very good. We also got two big dill pickles for R to munch on, and a sourdough baguette (which I left accidentally at home when I went to work last night. Drats..).

Last night and tonight I am again to be in the 'Intermediate Rooms'. I saw last night an asthma/chest pain patient, someone who was nauseated, a confused disoriented gentleman who was living at home by himself and now due to his inability to care for himself was going to live in a structured Board and Care facility, and three patients with 'abdominal pain'.

I am looking forward to doing the volunteering thing again. It has been way too long.

Tonight I engage the enemy through proxy. I received yesterday an evaluation of my time in the ED, working with my preceptor, that was very negative. Upon my checking with the 'source' of the management's information, my preceptor, she thereupon signed a statement that the evaluation did not accurately reflect her assessment of my skills. Stating that "...everyone could use improvement", my lack of skills that needed to be honed in the ED was to be expected and did not deserve an evaluation of 'unsuccessful' and 'unsatisfactory'.

Here is the interesting part.

When my preceptor (C) brought this inaccurate evaluation matter to the 'assistant manager (M)', she stated to C that there were secret matters involved, that "...their hands were tied..., ...they were taking orders from above..., ...and this was on a need to know basis..." so C had not been informed that there was a previous political situation. Subsequent to their meeting, M "quit" her job of the past five years.

After meeting today with the union representative, my manager F, and the new assistant manager D, it was decided that I would have a different preceptor C1, go back to the night shift, meet again in two weeks, and have a reassessment of the information provided by M (the absent scapegoat?), with the addition of new information from C1 (more of a team player than C?).

R wanted to resume his game of 'Gauntlet' as soon as he got home from school this afternoon. He is now showing me some of the finer points of Toy Story 2 'Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue' with the PlayStation emulator Connectix Virtual Game Station 1.4.1 on D's Macintosh G4.

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