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It has been an intentionally busy week.

Too many things to distract myself with.

I had a wonderful dinner at a vegetarian sushi place in Berkeley with friend Konundrum on Tuesday.

Happy belated birthday to Swerve. I hope your Pasach is good, relaxing, and an enjoyable family gathering type holiday. I hope your seders run as well and as smoothly as I am sure mine will (since D is preparing it as she does each year, it will). I hope you are feeling better.

Hello Pandora. I hope you are feeling better also. I am here if you ever need any assistance 24/7.

Amateur's questions for me will be answered soon, hopefully.

I love it that Daniela tiny typed this into my Palm iii:

"Daniela is COOL Daniela i em y uor"

An update on a couple of other things:
a friend of mine from the ED training course was kind enough to phone me to see how I was doing, she having heard an earful of rumors. I knew I was taking things with too personal a spin. Others are having problems, the manager just hides them well. Actually not that well as I took her claims about me with disbelief because I knew better but had accepted her 'de facto' approval of the others. I am so gullible and self defeating sometimes. Or maybe just adamant on finding myself not at fault.

Work has gone well during the last few nights. Seemingly very very well. Never never be without alternate plans. My new option is in one sense a return to older practices and simultaneously a redefining of and recommitment to current goals with an improved toolkit. My older corporate employer has essentially provided for me an extensive autumn vacation, the additional training for what to do in emergencies, and provided enough "free" CEUs for continued licensure. My primary rationalizations include a return to my primary goal of raising a family by way of employment to support that habit. Working in the ED had the major disadvantages of occupying more time in my schedule and increased workload with decreased monetary compensation. I may be mercenary but not in crushing the masses. It is aliken to wanting to know what a SWAT team does but simultaneously not agreeing with the methods or purpose. The 'treat and street' aspect was truly abhorrent as was the increased probability of legal liability with sloppy work, superseded only by the client focused question of what to do emergently. I could be a pro at "businessworld bullshit bingo". Either that or the bitterness of 'sour grapes' lingers with me still.

I am perplexed at why I am receiving so little communication from my manager or others at work. It is feeding into my belief that I have become persona nongrata and am without allies there. Did I expect different? No, not really. "Never never be without alternate plans."

Thursday was a frustrating day but it was of all the days the more enjoyable time wise save dinner Tuesday.

On Friday I finished taking a "12 Lead EKG Interpretation class" at HCEN.


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Apr. 7th, 2001 05:11 am (UTC)
Make a comment. Damnit.
Apr. 7th, 2001 06:03 pm (UTC)


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