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2:58 am
Is it the holiday season (first night of Pasach, first full moon sabbat after Ostera, and havadalah) or is the third time a charmed event?

2:50 am
"There are stars whose radiance is visible on Earth though they have long been extinct. There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world though they are no longer among the living. These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark, and they illuminate the way for mankind.

Hannah Senesch, 1943

2:46 am
"When the Israelites crossed over safely, the Angels in heaven began to sing praise to G-d, but G-d looked down upon the Egyptians, and he cried, 'How can you sing when my children are drowning?'"

Megillah, 10B

2:26 am
"It is fitting to remember all of the righteous Gentiles who have, on pain of death, respected and protected us. First, there was Bithia, daughter of Pharaoh, who adopted a Hebrew son, Moshe, intended for slaughter. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Kings of Denmark and Holland offered us homes and citizenship while other nations drove us into exile or put us to the sword. In modern times, let us not forget the Danes and Bulgarians who refused to surrender their Jewish citizens to the Nazis. Nor can we forget the thousands of others in Europe who harbored us and risked their lives that we might be here tonight. All of them looked into the face of oppression and said

2:13 am
The Magid...
"This is the poor people's bread our ancestors ate in the Land of Egypt.
[point to the Matza]

Let all who hunger eat it with us!

Let all who thirst for spiritual sustenance come here and share this celebration!

This year we are oppressed. We live in a world in which powerful forces carry out evil deeds - against our people, against the poor and helpless of all nations, and against our planet. We live in a world in which too many people stand silently by in the face of evil - out of complicity, out of greed, out of fear. ..."

2:02 am
Candle Lighting...
Blessed is the match consumed in its igniting flame,
Blessed is the flame that flared in the recesses of the heart,
Blessed are the hearts with strength to throb their last beat in dignity,
Blessed is the match consumed in its igniting flame.

Hannah Senesch, 1944 prior to being executed by the Arrow Cross of [Nazi] Hungary

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