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I am not a sports fan.

I have nothing against sports in general (other then I perform poorly in competitive sports) or those who are sports fans. This is good because J apparently is a sprouting big fan. We went to a baseball game with some friends on Tuesday (one of the few times I was happy with reruns of Buffy) and he was very excited, cheering for both teams in the half full, half empty Oakland Coliseum. Both of my kids were enthusiastic, despite it being a routine game, but J was almost as excited about the game as he is about trains (and train crashes).

I did something that I have not done in a while on Wednesday. I went to a volunteer night at the San Francisco Avon/Pallotta office, envelope stuffing a quote from Ayn Rand on a card apologizing about inconveniences experienced with company downsizing. Another task was folding and packaging event teeshirts for people who had received the packet sans shirt. Small oversight. Little glitches needing correction.

Yesterday was good. I like meeting new people. It adds much needed depth to the experiences of my everyday world.

Today I am tired and staying home watching Nick Jr. with J. Our last seder for Pasach 5761 is tonight after which I have to go to work in San Francisco. Being chametz free during Pasach sweetens the reappearance of the everyday items of our lives. "Chametz free" meaning that during Passover, normal bread like items are not allowed to be used or possessed. Jews are supposed to do basically 'spring house cleaning' to remove every crumb of bread, cracker, cereal, etc. before Passover and then to use matza and matza products as a substitute for bread. Matza is the precursor of the 'communion wafer' I have been told.

It pains me how much paper and materials are wasted in the normal activities of daily life. I would like to think that using this PDA has reduced my personal footprint on the wastestream.

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