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Some Random Things

Just in case you have not yet seen this important article originally found in Daniela's LJ: They Die Piece by Piece". It is an eyeopener.

It has been a very enjoyable and memorable week. I loved meeting LalenaLeFay, Dmitri, RedNikki, and Ian as they all passed through the California Bay Area. I wish that Daniela would have been able to meet Rednikki and Ian as well. It still feels a little awkward for me to have met them alone in that Rednikki and Daniela have been trying to meet and had I not read both their LJs, I would not have known their plans. It feels like I was reading other people's mail.


I hope the other parts of her excursion were better. The end seems to have really sucked. Being ill and then having her place being broken into and burgled are major bad pieces of news. I think listening to the drug treatment guy (but not hear responses) about drug treatment was also bad news.

I am very glad to read that 00goddess is planning to meet LalenaLeFay and Dmitri as well.

How many LJers have you met through LJ ?

I think Konundrum is correct. Females tend to write about relationships whereas males tend to write about ideas.

What do you think ?

I am so so tempted to answer Pandora's survey. I think I will take the standard purity test taken by Konundrum and Daniela.

Have I mentioned before that my eight year old son J is enamored with being a police officer?

I do not know what I did in a previous life to earn such a karma debt.

I found this guy Adderyn from this comment he made about the breakin at Rednikki's abode. I am not sure what to make of this new info. It would be a good chance to see his perspective on life and his point of view about his job. It seems to me that police officers are not inherently 'bad' or corrupt, but are fed different information from different sources than Daniela, Rednikki, or I have subscribed to. I also believe that power is indeed seductive and very heady.

D, E, and I are trying to raise a good human being.

How do I teach my child to not be a bad cop (if he is determined to be a cop), and be a good individual?

Strange. It is so wickedly weird. I was never a journal keeper. Never thought of myself as very talkative (except to maybe myself), nor very bold (as in bold enough to talk to people I did not know) and yet I find LiveJournal to be one of the best items I have ever found. I find that I am now skipping some things I used to look forward to doing (like just leaving my house) because my expectations in what to do with my time and life have improved so much.

I love LJ.


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Apr. 19th, 2001 10:09 am (UTC)
I think I just became a vegetarian.
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