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I worked or will work a day shift on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in San Francisco as well as two night shifts on Friday and Saturday. Now as I write this entry I see why I am tired because I am also doing volunteer stuff on Thursday and Friday as well.

Earlier D and I are watching on Investigative Reports on A&E"Behind Bars: Violent Women in Holloway". Institutional created insanity, self mutilation, a change of paradigm (both for prisoners to patients and guards to nurses), a failure of architecture, and incarceration creating 'the most violent prison in the world' for women in Britain: HMP Holloway of HM Prison Service: the largest women's prison in Europe.


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Apr. 28th, 2001 05:07 am (UTC)
What did you think of that IR show on A&E? That's one of my fave shows.

It's interesting that they covered self-mutilation, since it is one of the most obvious indicators of Borderline Personality Disorder. Aside from Antisocial Personality Disorder, BPD is disproportionately common in female inmates in both penal/parol systems. In other words, while only 3% of the population reportedly HAS BPD (75% of which are women), of those, many more have criminal records, compared to the rest of the general population. BPD is a very destructive disorder.

Ah, sorry for the rambling lol. I love that show, and I am obviously fascinated with criminology/abnormal psychology, etc. :-)

Noticed you added me to your friends list, so I thought I'd pop in and say "hi"! And see what you are about. Hope to and look forward to learning more about you. :-) Have a good weekend.

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