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Pardon if I do not update for a bit.

My new location and stuff at work are requiring that I read up on a lot of recent research. My internet connection is back and that is good. They still have not caught the over one year freebee they have already given me (Shhhhh...) and I should tell them (the internet company), but like I tell my kids when crossing the street "Watch the cars, not the light. The car will run you over despite what the light says."

My email still runneth over (gotta work on that latter...)

I need to find all kinds of paper documentation (located at home) for my new (and sometimes strange) employers (but here strange is "good" I think...) to satisfy their recordkeeping.

S has disappeared :< (and I did not even have a chance to scare her away) having lost her job apparently. :< I left a friendly card with a coworker, in case she returns.

This weekend I volunteered at a 'RCF for the CI'(aka 'RCFCI') 'Residential Care Facility for the Chronically Ill' on Friday (the same one as prior), go to work at another RCFCI Friday night till Saturday morning, go to the California Academy of Sciences with the kids and a friend of J's who is leaving the local area, go to the AIDSRide kickoff party Saturday evening in San Francisco, swallow my dispute with the for-profit-promoters and enjoy 60% of each dollar donated v. 100% of no dollar donated (with a nod to daniela), back to work at the RCFCI, and then maybe to have a late brunch with a recent receptive acquaintance.

She may backout because she is going to a rave Saturday night with a friend till 4am and might be too tired.

My g-d, I just reread this. Am I crazy ? Probably considering that last weekend was just as busy and was most certainly very enjoyable.

BTW last weekend I went to a benefit block party and the next day went to the 32nd Anniversary celebration of People's Park in Berkeley with the kids. I found this organization, East Bay Food not Bombs most interesting. Worthy of donations ? Yes. I even had R put some of the donation in the bucket himself. A proud moment.

Needless to say I was also working the Friday night to Saturday morning and Saturday night to Sunday morning shifts at work, as like again this weekend.

Political Action put into action. Make a good example and set a good example.

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