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"Hello Everyone,

Well we did it!

It’s all over except the feeling of accomplishment and emptiness. It tends to be lonely after the event is over. Not because we don’t have people around us, but because for a short amount of time we created a beautiful world where we were selfless and unidentifiable in the whole big scheme of things. It was a world in which we became the best people that we could possibly be and we took good care of each other. Ahhh! What a great world that was!

We found ourselves more powerful and self impressed. Knowing that we had done things that at times thought were impossible, but knew deep down that they weren’t at all. Finding ourselves being more proficient in the way we did things and fixing things that under normal circumstances we would have ask someone else to do. Transforming from a person that we barely knew into a confident and self-assured heroin that knew the answers had the right thing to say and knew how to get things done. You became the REAL YOU! You are all powerful, intelligent, problem solving, question answering, strong, and beautiful people. Every single one of you.

If you take anything home from this experience let it be that. Make it yours to keep, hold it close. You will then notice that the next time your boss asks you to do something you have no idea about, that you can indeed come up with the answer. In fact you may come up with a better way of doing it all together. I mean if you can put 3 large tents with the wind whipping them around like Kleenex, you can do anything, right?

I am proud of the hard work that all of you did. It did not go unnoticed, we have been named the Smoothest run event of all of the events this year, so far. That came straight from the top and from the other visiting staff. I have to tell you that is the best compliment to ever get in the event business. We could have not done it without the leadership and management of all of you the Crew Captains. You are the ones who kept it together.


There are no words that I can write that will describe the pride that I feel having worked with all of you over the last few months. I feel honored to have worked with such an incredible group of professionals with a lot of heart. You all have the biggest hearts! That is what makes you special. Don’t ever loose it. Keep what you felt on the 3-Day in your hearts forever and as you do we will change a little of the outside world and perfect our own worlds.

You’re the BEST! I look forward to working with you again next year."

Pallotta TeamWorks San Francisco Office
785 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103"

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